Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Love You Man

He Says:

Bringing back the bromance for "dudes" everywhere "I Love You Man" embraces the awkwardness of guys making guy friends. Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd) is a nice guy and a subpar real estate broker who can't sell Lou Ferrigno's (Incredible Hulk) house. He's about to walk the plank of marriage and realizes he doesn't have any guy friends. Not that getting married is particularly hard, but it's sure a lot more fun when you have your crew standing with you. Peter's attempt to make friends isn't one for the books, but the bathroom as his social ineptitude makes your stomach churn from laughing and embarrassment. As he embarks on man date to man date all seems lost until an open house and meets Jason Segel’s character Sydney Fife. You would most likely grab a beer or two with Sydney as he is a chill guy’s guy who brings Peter out of his friendless slump. Together their bromance blossoms into a great friendship bringing out the best in each other. So for the guys who are Peter and the ones who are Sydney this movie appeals to all types and good enough to consider a date movie.

He Rates: Green Light

She Says:

What can I say? The relationship between these two comic cuties makes for a film that is full of laughs throughout. For a movie from some of the members of the "frat pack" this still brings the humor without some of the gross/dirty factor. Minus one scene involving projectile vomit, the comedy truly is Paul Rudd's ability to play a 30 something guy who is highly skilled at repelling friends because of his hilarious awkwardness. Another nice addition to the movie was Jon Favreau and his unrequited rage and disgust for Paul Rudd's character. To round out the film was Paul's gay brother played by SNL cast member Adam Samberg. There really isn't much I can say I didn't like about this movie...maybe Rashida Jones' bang, but that's it.

She Rates: Green Light

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