Friday, September 25, 2009

He Says: Probably the best X-Men movie I've seen. As someone who really didn't get into the Marvel series as a kid I found the two previous movies quite entertaining with nominal knowledge of the series. X-Men: Origins Wolverine provides not only the background, but the badassness, yeah badassness, any action flick is looking to serve. My only complaint is I wish I would have seen it in the theater and/or we didn't live in an apartment so we could crank up the surround sound. Deadpool, Gambit, and Sabretooth were a cool edition and I honestly wouldn't mind seeing spin-offs of their stories, but unfortunately I can see those going straight to DVD. This came out to DVD this week so for those of you who haven't bootlegged your own copy months ago, take a jog down to the video store and rent it.
He Rates: Green Light
She Says:
I first want to say that I wish I would have seen this on the big screen. Even without the big screen view and surround sound, this action packed movie was still fun to watch. I love prequels and this will provide all of those who have enjoyed the X-Men movies the answers to how Logan the Wolverine came to be the mysterious, amnesic beast that he is. I liked the other X-Men films but by far this one was my favorite because it had a different feel. Not that movies about mutants could be realistic but this movie was less cheesy and had less Marvel in it compared to the previous films. Some diehards may not appreciate that but I think it made the movie more watchable. Ok, so you've got some high octane action, intriguing characters and a twisted plot, plus Hugh Jackman running around all buff and sexy. It's got something to satisfy everyone :)
She Rates: Green Light

Monday, September 7, 2009

Inglourious Basterds

She Says

I had a little trepidation about going to this film. Yes, the trailers did look entertaining. Yes, I typically have enjoyed Quentin Tarantino films in the past. But 2 and half hours of gratuitous violence along with Brad Pitt speaking with an accent from Tennessee while he goes scalpin' Nazis? Sure I know some people who would have signed themselves up immediately, but I wanted to wait out the reviews from friends and critics alike.

Well the wait is over, and I have to say that overall I enjoyed this film. Be prepared to have to look away from the screen at times if you're not a gore whore, but also be prepared to do some reading. Much of the film was done in French and/or German which I really appreciated - I feel that using the authentic language of when and where the movie is set helps retain more of the essence of the story. However, reading and comprehending what was going on in the movie was too much to handle for the idiot girl behind us...but I'll leave that to Jake to rant about. So I loved the foreign filminess of the movie and you just have to love Brad Pitt's performance, he's comical and somewhat terrifying at the same time.

She Rates: Green Light

He Says:

The aforementioned girl sitting behind us almost ruined the viewing of this awesome movie for me. I felt Inglorious Bastards was straight forward and easier to follow than Kill Bill (I or II), which made me question how smart this girl really was...aside from the "that guys German right?!" each character held their own and brought depth to the seriousness of the movie.

By seriousness I mean this is a movie about violence, unspoken hate, and rage that comes out of people during a time of war. Did you need to actually see a Nazi have a swazstika carved into their forehead with a crazy buoy knife? No, but without it the magnitude of the situations would be overlooked by those who went to see a comedy.

So at the end of the day do you need to run to the theater with your goodies from WaWa hidden in your wife's purse? No, but if you have time and can't wait for the DVD I'd say go for it. Nothing I saw needed to seen on the "Big Screen" and your at home theater would suffice. As a plus you don't have to listen to Ed Hardy explain every scene to his significant other.

He Rates: Green Light

Sunday, September 6, 2009


She Says

I have to say that it's difficult for me to not like a movie with Julia Roberts in it - this should give you a hint as to where I'm going with this review. This film also stars a few other actors I really like - Clive Owen, Tom Wilkinson (Valkyrie, Michael Clayton), and Paul Giamatti (John Adams, Sideways). In the hopes of not giving anything away, the basic plot of the movie is 2 spies hook up and plan a huge heist. The way the story is told adds to the "cat and mouse" feel of this spy movie. There is alot of back and forth in the timeline of film, which I liked but it can also get confusing. Yes, there were points when I asked "Is this happening now or when is this? 10 days earlier? 2 years ago?" So if you're one of those movie goers who constantly asks questions because you can't follow the plot and annoys the other person(s) watching with you, this might be a movie to watch alone. Just know that by the end of the movie it all makes sense, in a way you probably won't see coming.

She Rates It: Green Light

He Says

The holiday weekend allowed us to catch up on the blog and take in a few movies. Being that True Blood wasn't on and it felt like a movie night I started flicking through the OnDemand section of the premium channels and the free movie section in search of something that would provide a couple hours of entertainment. Realizing that we had Duplicity we decided to give it chance. I have to say I found myself lacking the patience for the details this spy/romance movie had to offer. Paul Giamatti, Clive Owen, Julia Roberts, and others put together an interesting look at the evolution of corporate espionage and pay back. Although I was checking out the Blackberry throughout the flim it all came together at the end. If you can focus for the 2 hour film you won't be disappointed.

He Rates It: Green Light (Obviously a renter and your only option now)