Friday, September 25, 2009

He Says: Probably the best X-Men movie I've seen. As someone who really didn't get into the Marvel series as a kid I found the two previous movies quite entertaining with nominal knowledge of the series. X-Men: Origins Wolverine provides not only the background, but the badassness, yeah badassness, any action flick is looking to serve. My only complaint is I wish I would have seen it in the theater and/or we didn't live in an apartment so we could crank up the surround sound. Deadpool, Gambit, and Sabretooth were a cool edition and I honestly wouldn't mind seeing spin-offs of their stories, but unfortunately I can see those going straight to DVD. This came out to DVD this week so for those of you who haven't bootlegged your own copy months ago, take a jog down to the video store and rent it.
He Rates: Green Light
She Says:
I first want to say that I wish I would have seen this on the big screen. Even without the big screen view and surround sound, this action packed movie was still fun to watch. I love prequels and this will provide all of those who have enjoyed the X-Men movies the answers to how Logan the Wolverine came to be the mysterious, amnesic beast that he is. I liked the other X-Men films but by far this one was my favorite because it had a different feel. Not that movies about mutants could be realistic but this movie was less cheesy and had less Marvel in it compared to the previous films. Some diehards may not appreciate that but I think it made the movie more watchable. Ok, so you've got some high octane action, intriguing characters and a twisted plot, plus Hugh Jackman running around all buff and sexy. It's got something to satisfy everyone :)
She Rates: Green Light

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