Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Role Models

He Says:

Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott are absolutely hilarious in this “Superbad” like take on the Big Brother Big Sister program while tackling their court appointed hours. McLovin returns as a dorky “Little” obsessed with LAIRE (LARP), a medieval fantasy world…Google it…McLovin isn’t the only character making a comeback in Role Models, you’ll remember Walsh from “Old School” he’s in it too. This crew is awesome and I hope they come out with more. Unlike other movies the crude humor never gets old and equally divided among all the cast members. Definitely check out all the special features on the DVD.

He Rates: Green

She Says:

This movie is exactly what I wanted to watch tonight. It was predictable in a good way and I laughed throughout the entire film. Besides his good looks, Paul Rudd’s straight-faced humor definitely made this worth watching. I was also glad to see the Asian OB/GYN from Knocked Up (Ken Jeong) – he was hilarious as King Argatron of LAIRE and also ruling the nearby Burger Hole restaurant. Really, all the actors in this film brought their comedy A game. This movie was able to use KISS (yes, the band) in multiple ways that almost made me tear up with laughter. I wish I would have paid the $10 to see this in the theater.

She Rates: Green

Foot Fist Way

He Says:

I'm sure I'll learn to love this movie and eventually quote it to the point of losing friends. However, I really don't know how many times I'll need to watch it to realize that dream. Danny McBride is the star of this movie and I'm sure many to come, but are we still yearning for more of the same character thrown into different sets. McBride plays the role of a pathetic Tae Kwon Do instructor in a strip mall down south, married to a trashy wife, and is an all-around grown-up loser. That pretty much sums it up. What happens in between the start and end is worth your Saturday morning recovery time lying on the couch in your sweats, but other than that eh…check it out OnDemand.
He Rates: Yellow
She Says:

This movie starring Danny McBride (the hilarious drug dealer with a neck brace from Pineapple Express) has me still a little dumbfounded - we watched it 2 days ago. I can't decide if I liked it or not. It's one of those movies that the first time you watch it there are parts that are clearly funny and other moments that are so awkward you're not sure what to do. Kind of like the first time I watched Napoleon Dynamite - I'm thinking "this is so stupid it could either be really funny or really stupid." Danny McBride's character Fred Simmons is a sad one at best and I think more of his patheticness shines through than his humor - although he does have some pretty funny one liners. Maybe I'll find more laughs the second time around, if I can muster up the energy to watch it again.
Her Rating: Yellow

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Body of Lies

She Says:

Russell Crowe & Leonardo DiCaprio + Ridley Scott + interesting story line = great movie. Right? Well in the case of Body of Lies, maybe not. This is the story of an undercover CIA agent (DiCaprio) working in the middle east, trying to find a head terrorist while talking to his main contact (Russel Crowe) in D.C. via cell phone. They are only on screen together a total of 10 minutes. Although this movie was full of explosives and relatively good acting, I was not blown away. Despite its interesting plot - to find a head terrorist a fake terrorist group is created, a terrorist attack is staged, all mixed in with a frowned upon cross cultural romance (DiCaprio and an Iranian woman), something about this story seemed overworked. If you are looking for a decent action flick set in today's war torn middle east, check out this film. Just don't be surprised if you have an overwhelming sense of deja vu while watching it.
She Rates: Green light But hurry it's about to turn yellow!

He Says:

When did Leonardo DiCaprio became such a bad ass and Russell Crowe get fat with a bad Southern accent. I’ll tell you Body of Lies. Although you won’t smell napalm in the morning you’ll certainly feel the heat from the extremist bombs blowing up throughout this movie. Body of Lies is nothing new, and seems to be the latest in the ongoing trend of our generations Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, Apocalypse Now, etc. Unlike The Kingdom and others like it I felt the story of keeps you asking what’s going to happen next right up til the end. In addition, the characters didn’t over act which made the seriousness of the plot shine through. Total Access or Netflix, I say sit back, pay attention and enjoy.

He Rates: Green Light

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

She Says:

Flash of what? Genius? Mmmmm, I wouldn't say genius or flash. It was more like those trick birthday candles that even gale force winds are unable to extinguish. This was a mediocre portrayal of one man's work which morphed into an obsession when the Ford corporation stole his idea and wouldn't pay him his dues. I managed to stay awake through the whole movie but it did have the same sedative effects as a glass of warm milk. It's disappointing because I think this could have been a great story had the movie moved more quickly and Greg Kinnear had really committed to the character of Bob Kearns. He wasn't convincing as a slightly unstable obsessive man who turns down 30 million dollars as a settlement from Ford. I mean, c'mon!you'd have to be crazy to turn down that much money!!! Somehow Kinnear (an actor I usually like) and this bland script did not develop Kearns enough for me to really buy into this story.

She Rates: Yellow Light

He Says:

I may not be a patent lawyer, but by the conclusion of this movie I could have been. In this based on a true story flick, there is no falsehood to the fact that Bob Kearns gets flat out screwed by the Ford Motor Company. Ford strips Kearns (Greg Kinnear) of his “Blinking Eye” invention and wipes their hands of him. For those who’ve had work/idea/credit stolen from them, there is a definite connection to that stomach churning emotion you witness in this movie. But what’s more upsetting is seeing that emotion ruin a person for 2 hours. Really?!? Even at the end of movie there is no need for wipers of any kind to clear the non-existent tears of joy when the good guy prevails and the big bad corporation falls. Save your time and money…Sorry Greg.

He Rates: Red Light

Monday, March 2, 2009

She Says:
Jason Voorhees. Crystal Lake. Classic slasher flick. Growing up I my brother loved torturing me by forcing me to watch Friday the 13th movies with him and then chase me around the house with a hockey mask on. Nice, I know, but for some reason I now have an affinity for those slasher type thriller movies. Unfortunately, the hubby doesn't but he was a good sport about going to this movie. So what did I think? For a remake of a slasher "classic", this was better than I expected. The opening scene was insane...I thought it was the movie, but wait, there was more. The more included a lot of startle moments, the right amount of gore, gratuitous toplessness, and some strategically placed humor. Even though I knew exactly how the last scene ended I still managed to jump up in my seat.

He Says:
For those who know me best, they all can attest that I am a “Sally” and enjoy watching horror movies under the brim of my hat and through the break of my fingers. Friday the 13th was no different. However, the T & A, drug/alcohol consumption, and typical character dialogue made this movie worth sitting through (at home). With that said, it would be difficult for the true horror aficionado to appreciate the eerie pre-kill soundtrack and screwdriver impaling gush on your home system. The strategically placed “Humor” as She mentioned lacked and I found myself disappointed in Jason’s routine kill of certain characters. All in all Michael Bay did a nice job of kicking the dust off this classic, but you won’t find me waiting in line for the sequel and at best receiving it in the mail.