Tuesday, March 3, 2009

She Says:

Flash of what? Genius? Mmmmm, I wouldn't say genius or flash. It was more like those trick birthday candles that even gale force winds are unable to extinguish. This was a mediocre portrayal of one man's work which morphed into an obsession when the Ford corporation stole his idea and wouldn't pay him his dues. I managed to stay awake through the whole movie but it did have the same sedative effects as a glass of warm milk. It's disappointing because I think this could have been a great story had the movie moved more quickly and Greg Kinnear had really committed to the character of Bob Kearns. He wasn't convincing as a slightly unstable obsessive man who turns down 30 million dollars as a settlement from Ford. I mean, c'mon!you'd have to be crazy to turn down that much money!!! Somehow Kinnear (an actor I usually like) and this bland script did not develop Kearns enough for me to really buy into this story.

She Rates: Yellow Light

He Says:

I may not be a patent lawyer, but by the conclusion of this movie I could have been. In this based on a true story flick, there is no falsehood to the fact that Bob Kearns gets flat out screwed by the Ford Motor Company. Ford strips Kearns (Greg Kinnear) of his “Blinking Eye” invention and wipes their hands of him. For those who’ve had work/idea/credit stolen from them, there is a definite connection to that stomach churning emotion you witness in this movie. But what’s more upsetting is seeing that emotion ruin a person for 2 hours. Really?!? Even at the end of movie there is no need for wipers of any kind to clear the non-existent tears of joy when the good guy prevails and the big bad corporation falls. Save your time and money…Sorry Greg.

He Rates: Red Light

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