Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Role Models

He Says:

Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott are absolutely hilarious in this “Superbad” like take on the Big Brother Big Sister program while tackling their court appointed hours. McLovin returns as a dorky “Little” obsessed with LAIRE (LARP), a medieval fantasy world…Google it…McLovin isn’t the only character making a comeback in Role Models, you’ll remember Walsh from “Old School” he’s in it too. This crew is awesome and I hope they come out with more. Unlike other movies the crude humor never gets old and equally divided among all the cast members. Definitely check out all the special features on the DVD.

He Rates: Green

She Says:

This movie is exactly what I wanted to watch tonight. It was predictable in a good way and I laughed throughout the entire film. Besides his good looks, Paul Rudd’s straight-faced humor definitely made this worth watching. I was also glad to see the Asian OB/GYN from Knocked Up (Ken Jeong) – he was hilarious as King Argatron of LAIRE and also ruling the nearby Burger Hole restaurant. Really, all the actors in this film brought their comedy A game. This movie was able to use KISS (yes, the band) in multiple ways that almost made me tear up with laughter. I wish I would have paid the $10 to see this in the theater.

She Rates: Green

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