Monday, March 2, 2009

She Says:
Jason Voorhees. Crystal Lake. Classic slasher flick. Growing up I my brother loved torturing me by forcing me to watch Friday the 13th movies with him and then chase me around the house with a hockey mask on. Nice, I know, but for some reason I now have an affinity for those slasher type thriller movies. Unfortunately, the hubby doesn't but he was a good sport about going to this movie. So what did I think? For a remake of a slasher "classic", this was better than I expected. The opening scene was insane...I thought it was the movie, but wait, there was more. The more included a lot of startle moments, the right amount of gore, gratuitous toplessness, and some strategically placed humor. Even though I knew exactly how the last scene ended I still managed to jump up in my seat.

He Says:
For those who know me best, they all can attest that I am a “Sally” and enjoy watching horror movies under the brim of my hat and through the break of my fingers. Friday the 13th was no different. However, the T & A, drug/alcohol consumption, and typical character dialogue made this movie worth sitting through (at home). With that said, it would be difficult for the true horror aficionado to appreciate the eerie pre-kill soundtrack and screwdriver impaling gush on your home system. The strategically placed “Humor” as She mentioned lacked and I found myself disappointed in Jason’s routine kill of certain characters. All in all Michael Bay did a nice job of kicking the dust off this classic, but you won’t find me waiting in line for the sequel and at best receiving it in the mail.

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