Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Body of Lies

She Says:

Russell Crowe & Leonardo DiCaprio + Ridley Scott + interesting story line = great movie. Right? Well in the case of Body of Lies, maybe not. This is the story of an undercover CIA agent (DiCaprio) working in the middle east, trying to find a head terrorist while talking to his main contact (Russel Crowe) in D.C. via cell phone. They are only on screen together a total of 10 minutes. Although this movie was full of explosives and relatively good acting, I was not blown away. Despite its interesting plot - to find a head terrorist a fake terrorist group is created, a terrorist attack is staged, all mixed in with a frowned upon cross cultural romance (DiCaprio and an Iranian woman), something about this story seemed overworked. If you are looking for a decent action flick set in today's war torn middle east, check out this film. Just don't be surprised if you have an overwhelming sense of deja vu while watching it.
She Rates: Green light But hurry it's about to turn yellow!

He Says:

When did Leonardo DiCaprio became such a bad ass and Russell Crowe get fat with a bad Southern accent. I’ll tell you Body of Lies. Although you won’t smell napalm in the morning you’ll certainly feel the heat from the extremist bombs blowing up throughout this movie. Body of Lies is nothing new, and seems to be the latest in the ongoing trend of our generations Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, Apocalypse Now, etc. Unlike The Kingdom and others like it I felt the story of keeps you asking what’s going to happen next right up til the end. In addition, the characters didn’t over act which made the seriousness of the plot shine through. Total Access or Netflix, I say sit back, pay attention and enjoy.

He Rates: Green Light

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