Monday, September 7, 2009

Inglourious Basterds

She Says

I had a little trepidation about going to this film. Yes, the trailers did look entertaining. Yes, I typically have enjoyed Quentin Tarantino films in the past. But 2 and half hours of gratuitous violence along with Brad Pitt speaking with an accent from Tennessee while he goes scalpin' Nazis? Sure I know some people who would have signed themselves up immediately, but I wanted to wait out the reviews from friends and critics alike.

Well the wait is over, and I have to say that overall I enjoyed this film. Be prepared to have to look away from the screen at times if you're not a gore whore, but also be prepared to do some reading. Much of the film was done in French and/or German which I really appreciated - I feel that using the authentic language of when and where the movie is set helps retain more of the essence of the story. However, reading and comprehending what was going on in the movie was too much to handle for the idiot girl behind us...but I'll leave that to Jake to rant about. So I loved the foreign filminess of the movie and you just have to love Brad Pitt's performance, he's comical and somewhat terrifying at the same time.

She Rates: Green Light

He Says:

The aforementioned girl sitting behind us almost ruined the viewing of this awesome movie for me. I felt Inglorious Bastards was straight forward and easier to follow than Kill Bill (I or II), which made me question how smart this girl really was...aside from the "that guys German right?!" each character held their own and brought depth to the seriousness of the movie.

By seriousness I mean this is a movie about violence, unspoken hate, and rage that comes out of people during a time of war. Did you need to actually see a Nazi have a swazstika carved into their forehead with a crazy buoy knife? No, but without it the magnitude of the situations would be overlooked by those who went to see a comedy.

So at the end of the day do you need to run to the theater with your goodies from WaWa hidden in your wife's purse? No, but if you have time and can't wait for the DVD I'd say go for it. Nothing I saw needed to seen on the "Big Screen" and your at home theater would suffice. As a plus you don't have to listen to Ed Hardy explain every scene to his significant other.

He Rates: Green Light

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